Things not to say to someone with Inflammatory bowel disease 

Inflammatory bowel disease currently affects over 300,000 people in the U.K. alone. 

It’s a pillar term used to describe Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. 

The chances are if you are a sufferer of Inflammatory bowel disease you’ll have heard some of below….

Here are just a few things NOT to say to someone with inflammatory bowel disease: 

  • “Oh I know how you feel, my friend has ibs”
  • “Have you tried aloe Vera juice?”
  • “Do you think you should be working if you’re sick all the time? Someone might catch it!”
  • “Ooh, wish I had that so I could lose some weight”
  • “You can’t be that tired you’ve done nothing all day”
  • “You should try just eating healthier it will cure you”
  •  “Have you tried herbal tablets? and oh i know how it feels i had the runs last week”
  •  “What? You need the toilet again?” 
  •  “Why don’t you just have surgery it will be done and dusted then?”
  •  “You mean you have IBS?”
  •  “It’s all fake, it’s just a myth and an excuse”
  • ” My friend had that and now they’re cured”
  • “I had that once.. down to a dodgey chippy”
  •  “Are you better today?”
  • “You dont really need go to the toilet that much, you just wanna skive “
  • “Aren’t you too fat to have it??”
  • “It’s all in your mind!”
  • “Is it contagious?”
  • “Here, you should try juice plus/Herbalife that will help with your bloating”
  • “Should you be eating that?”
  • “Good job it’s not life threatening”
  • “At least it’s not cancer.”

Please think before you say ANY of these things to someone suffering with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

We’re trying our best. 

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